Norwalk Sale!

Silver armchair with side table

Norwalk Sale!

Welcoming July with a SURPRISE SALE with Norwalk Furniture! This American made furniture line offers endless opportunities for customization – all while delivering extreme comfort, style, and master craftsmanship.

Enjoy 10% OFF your custom Norwalk order until July 7th.

W H A T   W E   L O V E 
A B O U T   N O R W A L K 

Norwalk has been in the upholstery game for over 100 years crafting quality, timeless pieces  that are all made in the USA! We love that each piece is totally custom  and allows us to help clients create something totally unique for their space and needs. With so many options for shape, size, and fabrics, there is truly no limit to what Norwalk can create. 

I N   O U R   S H O W R O O M :

Norwalk in our showroom: Springhaus just received all the latest fabric samples from the Norwalk line so you can get a true feel for the colors and textures of all their offerings.  Schedule your appointment today at 970-282-1352!

Be sure to check out our upcoming Summer Sidewalk Sale!

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