Spring Refresh: In With the Bright and Light

living room with bright furniture and wallpaper

Spring Refresh: In With the Bright and Light

Spring is here! At last. Will there be a last snowstorm next month? It’s possible. Is that going to stop us from hitting the refresh button on our home NOW? No.

The place can get drab through the winter months. Join us as we take a gander at these spring-ready spaces and get inspired to shake things up. 

Design: Holly Hollingsworth Phillips | Light: Leigh by Mitzi

Let’s start with the mudroom shall we? As we all know, spring is a muddy season. This is a transitional space, so it’s a great place to experiment with taking risks. And hey, speaking of risks, bring in the color!

An easy place to start is with accents, decorative items you can place on shelves and sidetables. This might also include the accent light layer, with a wall sconce like Leigh in a fun pop color. The yellow and brass combo here sure puts a smile on our face. The white on white on white here with walls, mouldings, and ceilings feels fresh—it also provides a great blank canvas against which all the color in the space can POP. This way, the space doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Not that the mudroom is the only space for such adventures. The bathroom or the powder room is a great place to refresh. People go into a powder room to freshen up.

These blue and yellow tones are so refreshing. Rather than make the Leigh lantern truly pop here, this room ties it together with art with yellows in matching hues. Many of the first flowers to appear in the spring are yellow: daffodils, crocuses, winter aconites, and forsythia. Maybe that’s why this combo is giving us all the spring feels. Yellow like crocus, blue like cloudless skies. 

Another thing that makes this powder room by Pencil Shavings so refreshing is something you don’t notice right away: the mixed metals. This gives it a feeling of confidence. A bronze-toned doorknob, nickel handles on the vanity, and subdued brass everywhere else looks awesome. Also, who doesn’t love a big round mirror? The blue leather ribbon with tassels used to mount it here gives it a little something extra. Adding mirrors is a great way to maximize the natural light with the longer days come springtime.

Obviously, wallpaper is a bit of a commitment, but oh, the difference it makes! Whether it’s the natural imagery or the colors used in the pattern, wallpaper changes a room, and definitely may bring the spring in to a stale space. This is true even when it’s used in a small accent wall space. Which is also a great way to test it out and see how it feels to live with it.

A new rug with soft colors and textures to match breathes a lot of new life into a room. It’s a game-changer. Pillows and plants freshen things up considerably.

This space suggests another idea to freshen things up: Create an intimate conversational space, then have friends over to enjoy it and reward yourself. If you’ve got the nook, we’ve got the look. Here, our Paige flush mount fits the style of the space perfectly, ready to help with the ambience.

A sectional couch, a large area rug with soothing hues, some version of Paige, some plants and things from the outdoors—this space continues a lot of spring-ready elements we saw in the previous room, but it widens out into something different. We love the big pillow to sit on, the hanging chair, the use of art throughout the space. The pastels by the window and the mix of fresh flowers and potted plants gives us a “We’re ready for spring!” feel. 

Another great take-away from this relaxed boho space is on the ceiling. Adding a medallion around a chandelier or pendant is a smart and easy way to elevate the space. We’ve been seeing more and more of these medallions around Mitzi installs, and there’s something about their baroque filigree next to our clean, contemporary lines that makes such a cool contrast.

Spring comes in soft and gentle, and this space seems to speak to that. Keeping it neutral, architectural features like wall paneling and soft textures like those on the blush curtains and curved chairs stand out more. Even details like the wooden frame around the beautiful black-and-white photograph go a long way with the tasteful restraint here. Natural forms possess such grace in this setting, and even our Carrie chandelier seems to reflect this organic branching quality.  


New Mitzi fixtures like Kenzie, Willa, Scarlett, and Margot are sure to help in scheming and dreaming for your refresh. Bringing spring into your space is easy with the colors, shapes, and textures in these fresh creations. Scarlett comes in a few spring hues and classic colors, so it blends into a range of styles. Great for apartment dwellers or renters, Margot comes in a portable plug-in version with two small canopies and a long woven cord for you to attach to your ceiling and hang in any way you see fit. Perfect for creating that conversation corner. 

With a little help from your Mitzi friends, it’s easy-breezy to keep things in your home au courant au printemps. 

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