Haus Talk | 30% OFF Starkmark Cabinetry

Cabinets are easily one of the most important and often times most expensive parts of any kitchen or bath remodel. They set the tone for the room, and quality is extremely important. For these reasons, we are super excited to announce a new promotion with Starmark Cabinetry. This South Dakota based manufacturer specializes in handcrafted cabinetry made to your exact specifications. They offer a huge variety of colors, finishes, door styles, and organizational options to meet your preferences and needs.  All products are made with outstanding quality and environmentally responsible production. Fun Fact: They’re famous! They have recently been featured on HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. 

The best part? We are offering up to 30% OFF inset cabinet orders and 5% OFF overlay cabinet orders placed  before May 29th, 2020. Please note that discounts on certain styles and finishes may vary, and this offer only applies to our Starmark options.*

Scroll down to learn more about the features of Starmark and see some inspiration for your next project!  Consults are offered by appointment. They can be done in person, over the phone, or via video chat to help our designers get a true feel for your space and your goals. Call today to schedule at 970-282-1352.

*Offer valid on Starmark orders placed before May 29th, 2020. Promotion is not valid on all finishes and styles. Not to be combined with any other offers.


  • Handcrafted in South Dakota 
  • Soft close doors and drawers are a standard 
  • Items are shipped assembled directly to your homes, saving money on installation
  • Available in a huge variety of stains, finishes, and door styles (Check out all your amazing options on inset cabinetry with this brochure!) 



The color options are endless! Starmark also offers custom color services and distressing to make your cabinets truly unique. We’re loving the bold blues, greens, and dark grays – especially for a bath/powder room!


We hope you all are staying healthy and positive during this time.  If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! 

Haus Talk | Taking Care of Business

With the toilet paper shortage, we started thinking of alternative ways to take care of business. The answer: washlets + bidets! For a fairly modest investment, you’ll wipe away all worries of the tp shortage PLUS there are major cost savings and environmental benefits in reducing toilet paper usage. Thanks to our friends over at American Standard, we learned that the average US household of 2.6 people is estimated to use more than 250 rolls of toilet paper per year. To make those 250 rolls, it requires roughly 9,000 gallons of water and one whole tree.  Not to mention, they add an enormous amount of luxury to your daily routine. With features like heated seats, adjustable water controls, slow close lids, and deodorizers you’ll feel perfectly pampered. 

Scroll down to learn about some of the seats we love + enjoy 10% OFF all product. Our seat selections are starting at $500. Give us a call to talk about getting your new seat ordered at 970-282-1352.


1. American Standard | SpaLet


  • Slow-close seat and lid for user convenience
  • Remote control operation
  • Adjustable Heated Seat: 3 preset and 2 additional custom settings 
  • Two Self-Cleaning water spray nozzles for independent front and back cleansing
  • Adjustable Water Controls: Pressure and temperature have 5 levels: 3 preset and 2 custom settings + Massage feature 
  • Deodorizer with easy to access and clean charcoal filter cartridge (approximately 10 years)
  • One-push Removable Seat for easy bowl and seat cleaning
  • One-touch power save (8 hours)

2. American Standard | SpaLet


  • True hands-free experience 
  • Intuitive remote control for easy operation
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective front and rear cleansing
  • Instant heat ensures constant availability of warm water
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature for added comfort 
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature reduces toilet paper use
  • Pre-mist for added bowl cleanliness 
  • Air-shield deodorizer reduces odors in the bowl
  • Slow-close seat and lid eliminates slamming  
  • Seamless design with touch-button removal for easy cleaning
  • Ultra-slim 4-inch (101mm) profile 
  • Eco-friendly one-touch power save mode   
  • Fits most conventional elongated toilets

3. TOTO | Washlet


  • Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touchpad
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume
  • Gentle aerated, warm water
  • Dual Action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature
  • Warm air drying with five variable temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Docking station easy to install and clean
  • Elongated heated seat with temperature control 
  • Fits most conventional elongated toilets

4. TOTO | Washlet


  • Gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray with oscillating feature
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume
  • Instant water heating system for continuous warm water and energy saving
  • Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • New slim, elongated seat design
  • Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated buttons
  • 2 user setting
  • Docking station easy to install and clean
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Water premist of bowl before each use

See something that might work for you? Give our team a call to discuss options and get your new luxurious, eco-friendly toilet paper alternative on order!

We hope you all are staying healthy and positive during this time.  If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!