Everyday Modern Quotidian Corbett

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Everyday Modern Quotidian Corbett

Elegance. Poise. Sophistication. A slight touch of luxury here and there. We all want these things, right?

Everyday modern is a style that’s also a state of mind. It’s great design enhancing the day-to-day spaces we live and love and work and cook and eat and talk and dream. It’s using a few carefully chosen items to define a space in a way that feels crisp and cool and relaxing.

The goal, as the Irish singer with the permanent sunglasses said, is elevation.

Elevate the home with artfully constructed lighting in restrained, neutral settings. Infuse a sense of harmony with statement pieces that are textural and geometric.

This style doesn’t draw through roots firmly established in any specific period or place. Using fine materials and elegant layering, everyday modern brings presence and impact into spaces where a sense of restraint allows them to pop.

Photo by Madison Katlin | Design by Maddie Hughes with Katey McFarlan

Everyday spaces are those rooms of your home you are in every day, that form the texture of your life. Modern suggests Modernist and mid-century influences—lasting sources of design inspiration a century later—as well the sense of being contemporary, of the now.

Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity put our Cielo to work in her bedroom, demonstrating this concept. There are few spaces more “everyday” than the bedroom—it’s where we begin and finish every day.

McFarlan was striving for a masculine-feminine balance, and kept it modern with touches like the acrylic bench at the foot of the bed, the art above the headboard, and elements of Cielo.

Cielo has some classical structure, with an almost postmodern use of glass ornamentation surrounding the silver-leaf-finished frame, giving it a sense of fantasy and high-brow whimsy. The glass is handmade Venetian with 24K gold inside it, taking a modernized version of a traditional form and giving it a unique layering of luxury. As the final unexpected touch that pulls this beauty out of the mirrored halls of old Paris and into the gleaming present, aircraft cable suspension wires suspend from its canopy, holding it aloft.

McFarlan writes, “I think this room is proof that lighting and textiles can transform a room without having to buy furniture, no?!”

We couldn’t agree more, Katey.

Dierdre Renee Sanders Designs | Rachel Sanders Photography

These other bedrooms using Corbett ceiling fixtures in the “Everyday Modern”  style category provide further testament to the winning qualities of this look. The neutral palettes, the carefully chosen and few items, the calming textiles all create a revitalizing oasis of an everyday space, while also exuding an irresistible allure of assured confidence.

In each of these spaces, the use of symmetry, of relaxing hues, and of decorative restraint create an environment where the Corbett chandelier brings in a sense of tasteful luxury and timeless style.

Dierdre Renee Sanders Designs | Rachel Sanders Photography | Vixen chandelier

Dierdre Renee Sanders Designs | Rachel Sanders Photography | Vixen chandelier

Design: Studio M Interiors | Photograph: Scott Amundson

Katey McFarlan | Cielo

Another everyday space where a modern chandelier can make a beautiful statement and pull the energy of the room into a taut sense of completion is the dining area.




The idea of haiku, as practiced in the poetic form, is to use limits and discipline to create something transcendent, or that it least points the way toward transcendence.

And that’s just what we did with this new fixture, Haiku.

Establishing a mathematical pattern, we built on it until it reached epic size and grandeur. The repeated, nested motif in polished stainless steel and white aluminum has an entrancing effect; it looks like a modern metal version of something found in nature. As is our custom, we designed it with thought to how it looks from every angle. So, for those seated beneath chandelier, they’ll see something like this.


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