Kohler’s New Components Collection Offers Mixing and Matching Elements for Personalization

bathroom with two sinks and tall mirrors

Kohler’s New Components Collection Offers Mixing and Matching Elements for Personalization

Posted by Kelly Beall

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If you’ve ever thrown up your hands at the lack of compatible faucet elements during a bathroom build or redesign, have a look at Kohler’s new Componentscollection that allows you to personalize faucets, handles, and finish in a range of modern and minimal options. Components interchangeable range is the epitome of forward thinking design that also offers a bit of technology with gentle precision of flow and temperature control with a hidden aerator that creates an organic waterflow.

Kohler has made it easy to create a look that suits your own design needs with this pared down, yet refined line. To create a luxuriously chic personalized faucet configuration with the Components line there’s a simple three-step process to follow.

First, choose your spout for the sink or bath. The three design options include Row, a modern design with crisp angles; Ribbon, thin with with the appearance of their namesake; and Tube, a timeless cylindrical style.

Second, choose your handle. If sink space is at a premium, a single-control Rocker handle will do it all. For widespread sink configurations and baths, choose from an Oyl handle, inspired by precision-tooled gauges and dials; an Industrial handle influenced by machine valves and factory pipes; or a Rocker handle featuring a unique back-and-forth movement and smooth control.

Third and last, choose your finish. Currently available are options in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, Vibrant Brushed Modern Brass, Vibrant Titanium, and Matte Black. Once you’ve created your ideal configuration you can finish bringing the room together with the accompanying Components line of shower designs and accessories.

We think you’ll agree that the Components collection speaks to contemporary bathroom design as well as the many facets of modern design in and of itself. Every faucet, handle, and finish is designed to feel like a minimalist piece of modern sculpture that invites you to explore your own personal aesthetic and design the space you’ve been dreaming about.

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